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District AGMSun May 05 @13:30 - Aberdeen BC
Jubilee PairsSun May 05 @13:30 - Aberdeen BC
North v HighlandSun May 19 Elgin BC
Jamie BateySun Jun 23 @13:00 - Bridge Club

The Jamie Batey Trophy is awarded to the winners of an annual district charity event. Each team is balloted and includes one expert player and a mixture of imtermediate and novice players, in a "no fear" environment. It is played as a perfect (pivot) teams event.

2011 L Reid, A Yule, S Rabbits, L Main 
2012 E Garden, I Parkinson, M Turner, S Schwitz
2013 S Reid, I Singer, D Young, D Beveridge
2014 M Mowat, A Coutts, A Malone, I Parkinson
2015 M Chapleo, S Styles, Q Stephens, A Watson