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District AGMSun May 05 @13:30 - Aberdeen BC
Jubilee PairsSun May 05 @13:30 - Aberdeen BC
North v HighlandSun May 19 Elgin BC
Jamie BateySun Jun 23 @13:00 - Bridge Club


  1. The North District Teams of Four is organised by the SBU North District Committee who shall appoint a Convener and deputies as necessary.
  2. Enquiries about the event should be addressed to the Tournament Convener.
  3. Every round of the District Teams of Four shall have an appointed Tournament Director. This may be the Convener or suitable deputy.
  4. The tournament shall be conducted in accordance with The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2007.
  5. In the instance of a player/team feeling the need to appeal against a Director’s ruling, an Appeals Committee shall be formed in accordance with SBU guidelines.


  1. Entries should be on the form available from the Convener. Names of preferred reserve players may be included.
  2. Every team of four shall have a Playing Captain. It is the Captain’s duty to communicate the entry of his or her team to the Convener, Entries submitted after the closing date for entries (which shall be advertised each year) cannot be guaranteed, though may be accepted.
  3. Every player should normally be a member of the Scottish Bridge Union. The Convener or a Depute may, at their discretion, allow entry from non-members. Non-members will not be entitled to earn Master Points.
  4. The entry fee will be determined annually by the North District committee.


  1. The District Teams of Four shall be held on the first Friday of every month between October and March (April if necessary) inclusive. If a date has be moved to a different Friday for any reason,  all Captains will be notified.
  2. All teams will play one match against each of the other teams.
  3. Scoring of matches will be recorded by International Match Points (IMPs), converted to Victory Points (VPs), in accordance with the most up-to-date Scottish Bridge Union Scale.
  4. Places in the table will be derived by total VPs gained by a team. In the event of a tie, the tie will be split in accordance with SBU guidelines.

Tournament Regulations

  1. The tournament will be run in accordance with SBU Rules and Guidelines for a category 3 event. (for further details please consult the convener )
  2. The use of Mobile phones is not allowed while the tournament is underway. The Director will remind players of this at the beginning of each session. If for any reason a player requires to have their mobile phone set so that it may ring audibly during the play of a tournament, they must communicate that to the Director before play commences.