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District AGMSun May 05 @13:30 - Aberdeen BC
Jubilee PairsSun May 05 @13:30 - Aberdeen BC
North v HighlandSun May 19 Elgin BC
Jamie BateySun Jun 23 @13:00 - Bridge Club

The Jamie Batey Trophy is awarded to the winning team in a district-only balloted "no fear" teams-of-four, played as swiss teams.

Each team of four in this novel event comprises an expert player, two club-level players and a novice player, drawn by ballot. Each round is played as pivot (or perfect) teams, whereby each team shuffles the partnerships within their team around such that each player partners each team member over 3 rounds.

Don't worry - it's not complicated and the expert player in your team will kepp you right.

This is a "no-fear" competition - you won't encounter the sharks...


The results of the 2015 Jamie Batey trophy are:



 1 Mike Chapleo, Stella Styles, Quentin Stephens, Albert Watson  67
 2 Jim Mason, Eric Robertson, Margaret Tevendale, Fumi Nakamaru  63
 3 Maureen Mowat, Irene Forsyth, Fraser Beaton, Dan Batey  57
 4 Allan Yule, Maggie Payne, Ann Shipton, Colin Edwards  51
 5 Steve Pomeroy, Pat Hearns, Morag Beaton, Ailsa Reid  34
 6 Bill Ross, Beth Batey, Charlotte Rutherford, Pranav Maganti  26

Congratulations to Mike Chapleo's team.