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District AGMSun May 05 @13:30 - Aberdeen BC
Jubilee PairsSun May 05 @13:30 - Aberdeen BC
North v HighlandSun May 19 Elgin BC
Jamie BateySun Jun 23 @13:00 - Bridge Club


1st September, 2015


Welcome back to our new season playing our wonderful game.   At the moment I have my favourite bridge books out and I am rereading them and taking notes and thinking about the systems I play with my partners.  KISS is a good acronym isn’t it?


Thank you for your support over my half season as chair.   Also to Gillian Whyte our previous chairperson for her unflagging and continuing service to North District. 

We have a superb committee but we do need more of you so please consider joining us.   Or you may find yourselves being ‘press ganged’.


There have been some challenges at SBU council this past year and as your chairperson along with our district representative Pat Lennon to whom I am indebted for his wisdom and ability we have tried to steer a clearer course and to have your voices listened to.   It is important to let us know how you feel so you can be better served as members.  Please let me have your concerns or thoughts or suggestions.


Collectively we have to promote our game.  It is quite simple, we have to teach others to play.   This is a plea from me to offer your services to teach both young and old.   Giving a few hours of your time will reap rewards and benefit your communities.  Therefore I am looking to recruit a small army of volunteers to help in schools, community centres and village halls.  You will receive support for this.   It is such fun to teach and pass on your knowledge to others.   Then your clubs will thrive as well as survive.


North District players continue to enjoy success at national level.   I asked you earlier last season not to be scared to compete.   After some cajolement three of our players are currently about to play a match in the quarter-final of the Scottish Cup.    Jim Mason, Eddie McGeough (now Ayrshire), Betty McGuire and Sandra Rabbits.  Good luck to the ‘Dream Team’ as I have named them.   Well done to the four of you for getting so far.


There are a number of promotions this season.   I am delighted to congratulate Emily Garden for reaching the exalted height of Grandmaster.   Alisdair McLeod and Maggie Payne have attained 3 star master. Sylvia Sluyter is promoted to 1 star master.   Many of you continue to send in your points and some of you are having them added into the paperless system via your clubs using Mempad.   It is lovely to see you progress. 


For a measure of playing ability over the past year, Jim Hay is 9th in the top 50 national pair’s gainers.  Sandy Duncan is 13th and is currently ranked the number 3 player in Scotland.   Abigail Wilson, Jake Milne, Jun Nakamaru Pinder, our juniors, have represented Scotland this past season.


The majority of us continue to enjoy our bridge where we compete in a friendly and non-confrontational atmosphere.   This is why my greatest wish is for you to abide by the advice of our law and ethics committee to behave and play with the highest standards of etiquette at the table.  Liz McGowan’s excellent series on Better Behaviour is a very good reminder of how we should be playing the game. 


May I ask you all to read Liz’s campaign and to contribute to the articles posted on our website?    Tell us about your clubs and events and share your stories with us.   Steve Pomeroy has done such a grand job building the site.


I also wish to encourage you all to take part in both our North District and national events as well as the district and national congresses.  “Dinna be feart to enter”.

Kindly be reminded to send your paper points to SBU Dept. #16, 196 Rose Street, EDINBURGH, EH2 4AT.   Email     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy your bridge this season, I hope you do well and have lots of fun.  I intend visiting as many of the clubs as I can and I am really looking forward to meeting you. 


Loraine Findlay