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Law 74 has to be the most broken law in bridge and the one which is least challenged.

For me the meaning of the game begins with this law. It is about etiquette. Etiquette means "ticket". It was an inclusive invitation in French society to be invited through gracious behaviour to join polite society.

I'd like to begin a thread about what really annoys you all about playing bridge...

Liz McGowan in her excellent series is trying hard to stamp out bad behaviour. Having begun to play club, district and congress level bridge I am sometimes appalled at some of the behaviour I have experienced. Example...

Anger: Sometimes this degenerates into psychotic rage between partners.
Extinction: This is when you come to a table and your opponents act like you don't exist. Some opponents make it their business to have faces that would 'soor the milk in a coo's udders'.
Opponents hubris at your failings: Smirking and laughing. There is a chasm of a difference between jocularity shared by experienced players who are friends and ridicule of a player who is trying to learn from their mistakes.
Cheating: Whether it's intentional (Oh no! Surely not!) or inadvertent by taking advantage of unauthorised information, we remember those who cheated against us. Remember that one day the learner may be your superior. Hopefully the learner is moral and doesn't follow your example!

I am vexed that because of the behaviour of one or two people and despite the behaviour of the remainder that new players who have invested time and money into learning the game are then too intimidated to play.

What really hackles you about the game? What is the most excruciating thing that has ever happened to you whilst playing bridge?

What is it that you hate that happens whilst you are playing? Do tell.

Privacy shall be respected.