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Rayne QualifierWed Sep 26 @19:00 - The Bridge Club
Teams of 4 League Rd 1Fri Oct 05 @19:00 - The Bridge Club
Senior National Pairs - Diamond TrophySun Oct 14 @13:00 - The Bridge Club
Teams of 4 League Rd 2Fri Nov 02 @19:00 - Aberdeen BC
Bronze PairsSat Nov 03 @13:30 - Aberdeen BC

Jack and Victor are a great pair. I love the episodes when they sing in perfect harmony. Isn't it a pity that they don't play bridge? Bridge is truly about harmony with one's partner. Without an empathy between partners then the game collapses.

Steve and I are just back from a lovely weekend at the Elgin Bridge Congress.

A great congress apart from the arrow switch, Steve and I were doing well until the last round and the arrow switch against John Murdoch and his partner Ross Woodburn. How I hate arrow switches! It should be renamed the Nemesis movement. (Especially when played against Gordon and Colin at Strathpeffer 2013! Gordon made two slams no one else was in.) I was fair miffed.

At Elgin this year I was trying to recruit a few members from North District to take part in our annual North v Highland (very friendly), tournament with 10 teams, 12 more expert and 8 less expert (like me).

There was a distinctive refrain. "I dinna like travelling, I'm feart to drive long distances. I used to go to every congress and competition that I could compete in".

It made me think that although our bridge playing community may be young at heart, they are not as confident at travelling so the onus is on everyone in North District to offer support to enable our members to keep on competing.

I am very happy to help organise support for any member in North District who is not as confident at travelling as they once were.