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Our charperson, Loraine, starts off our new blog with a timely reminder about Scottish Cup entries...

Dear Members of North District,

There are almost 550 of us.

I am very proud that this season we are doing really well at both senior and junior level.

We have very talented bridge players in North District who may feel too modest to compete at national level and I would urge you to think about making up a team to compete in the Scottish Cup competition. The deadline is the 31st of March for this with an entry form on the main SBU website. It costs £30 per team to enter (entry form here).

Some of you will remember with fondness how you travelled far and wide to compete and I have this lovely (perhaps apocryphal story) from Gibby Reid, about the late, great and very sadly missed Lessel Reid.


"I can't guarantee the veracity of the story but I've heard it several times over the years. I'm not too sure of the competition they were purported to have played in. It's possible that it could have been the Sobranie Bridge which I believe also featured a Phoenix Team in the London final of Bill Ross, Emily Garden, John Drake & Roy Button.

The story goes that Lessel Reid & Bill Massie, while at the table of the English superstars Terrence Reece & Boris Schapairo had been chatting away in the Doric, which mystified Reece and asked where it was that they had come from?"

Lessel replied "Kennethmont"
Reece asked "and where is that?"
"Sax miles fae Insch"says Lessel
"Sorry I'm not familiar with that, where is it?" Says Reece.
"Aboot Eicht miles fae Inverurie" says Lessel.
"And where is Inverurie?"asks Reece.
"Oh that's aboot twelve miles fae Aiberdeen" says Lessel.
"Ah! Now I have heard of Aberdeen, that's a long way to travel to go one off in 3 NT."
"Aye, yer right but if I'd been at hame I wid hiv been 'Twa Aff!"

I would be really happy if we could find teams to enter the Scottish Cup this year and in future.

"Dinna be feart to enter!" as Lessel would tell you.

Thanks for reading this and hope that you will consider putting together teams.

Wishing you all the best,