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District AGMSun May 05 @13:30 - Aberdeen BC
Jubilee PairsSun May 05 @13:30 - Aberdeen BC
North v HighlandSun May 19 Elgin BC
Jamie BateySun Jun 23 @13:00 - Bridge Club

A. Before play starts players should describe their Basic System emphasising:

  • The strength of their No Trump
  • The strength of their opening 2 bids
  • If they play 5 card majors (prepared club or better minor)
  • Any unusual carding methods (e.g. Reverse Attitude leads)

B. During the Auction a Call should be alerted if:

  • it is a convention or
  • it is natural but unexpectedly non-forcing or unexpectedly forcing or
  • it is natural but conveys unexpected information about another suit (canapé).

Do NOT alert

  • Any double or redouble.
  • Any conventional bid over 3NT except in the first round of bidding.
  • Any natural 2 bid, weak or strong 2 bid (2D/2H/2S)
  • An opening bid of 1C/1D that promises at least three cards in the suit bid.
  • The completion of a transfer bid over 1NT or 2NT.
  • 1S - 2S -3C, where 3C promises 3+ clubs.
  • Competitive weak jump raises of partner’s suit

 You MUST alert

  • An opening bid of 1C or 1D that may be as few as two cards.
  • 1S - 1NT where 1NT is forcing (perhaps with 3-card spade support or a long suit).
  • 1S - 2S -3C, where 3C is a game try that does not promise length (3+ cards) or strength (high cards) in clubs.
  • A natural bid if it is unexpectedly weak such as a weak jump shift (1H - 2S)
  • A bid that is unexpectedly forcing, e.g. a forcing raise of an opening One of a suit (1D - 2D e.g. Inverted Minor) or Baron 2NT.
  • Any NT bid that does not show a willingness to play in NT (e.g. Conventional 2NT over a weak 2, unusual 2NT, Lebensohl 2NT [bid 3C]).

C.  Before the opening lead is made Declarer should offer to explain any special partnership agreements in his side’s auction (partner may clarify mistaken explanations) but should only do so if requested.