Festivities are now over and I look forward to getting back to the the bridge table again playing with my long suffering partners. My resolution is to try not to do stupid things but I imagine I shall break this almost immediately.


Congratulations to Jim Hay who came first in pairs and teams at last week's New Melville congress. 


Jim Mason's team is doing really well in the Scottish Cup at the moment and I'd like to wish his team all the best for their next match.


Abigail Wilson has been chosen to represent Scotland in the Lady Milne this year so I hope that it will be a very rewarding and happy time for her also.


There a lots of exciting events being arranged with the Norvite, the McPhee and the National pairs district finals taking place in January and early February.  This is in addition to our Teams of Four and Teams of 8 matches.  Thanks to all of you for organising and participating in these events.


I am also looking forward to attending a couple of congresses and hope to visit Shetland as well. 


I shall end by wishing all members of SBU North every success which may come your way in 2018.