Each club in the district should have received one copy of the new law book.  We have a stock of law books which cost £5.00 per book should you wish to purchase more.  Steve Findlay attended a seminar about the revised laws and is awaiting clarification from WBF about some items .  He will carry out a session about the changes hopefully soon.

 In the meantime Law 26b should read as follows:-


 When an offending player's call is withdrawn and it is not replaced by a comparable call, if he becomes a defender declarer may, at the offender's partner's first turn to lead (which may be the opening lead) prohibit offender's partner from leading any (one) suit which has not been specified in the legal auction by the offender. Such prohibition continues for as long as the offender's partner retains the lead.

Please make a permanent change in your new law book.