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Teams of 4 League Rd 2Fri Nov 02 @19:00 - Aberdeen BC
Bronze PairsSat Nov 03 @13:30 - Aberdeen BC
Jesner/Johnston Ranked PairsSun Nov 04 @13:30 - The Bridge Club
Teams of 4 League Rd 3Fri Dec 14 @19:00 - Aberdeen BC
Norvite Sim PairsWed Jan 16 @19:00 - Aberdeen BC, Shetland, Aboyne, Pecten, Alford, Turriff, Torphins and Huntly

We are sad to announce the passing of Jenny Steel.


Jenny was the widow of Eric, one of the leading players of the North District . He  was a member of the SBU council for 23 years1974-97 and was SBU president in 1984 and 1985.  He was a leading Scottish director.  Jenny and Eric together were stalwarts of the Northern Arts club. 
Their son Les is one of the best ever Scottish players. 
Jenny herself was no mean player particularly when she played with Eric; they won the Rayne and also the Bowman (life masters pairs) 2  years running. 
Jenny won a number of ladies caps with Margaret Alexander.   She also won the Scottish Ladies cup twice.  She became a grand master in 2002 and was fiercely proud of both Eric and Les.  Ill health meant she didn’t play much over the last 5 years.  She will be sorely missed.

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